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Race Support Services:

AIM Smartycam HD Users:

Are some of your track maps not showing and your Smartycam system not showing your throttle response, brake, accelerometer. It can possibly be the settings of the ECU bridge or cable issues as to why your RPM, Speed, and selected Gear are not showing on your video. If you need help setting up and getting your ecu to communicate to your AIM device then get in contact with CLG Performance today. 

MoTec Users:

 Contact us today if you need help with setup and logging. Also if you need configurations for ABS, beacons, etc.. Get in contact with us today

Megaline Paddle Shift Users:

Having Issues Setting Up your new Megaline Paddle shift System in the software? We can help!

Cosworth Users:

Having trouble using the software or setting up a workbook in the Pi toolbox? Looking for specific logged data for an issue you are having? We can Help!

HP Tuners:


Some of the basic PIDS needed in order to correctly log your vehicle would include Air mass, Fuel Trims, Timing, VE, TPS and More. I am currently making a downloadable template for VCM Scanner in the tune repository. If you have any questions please contact us. Please make sure you send us your backup "*.hpt" File format before any changes are made. Also check here for credits required to tune your vehicle and if your ECU needs modification Service prior to tuning.  

Here at CLG Performance I like to give as much information as possible along with any information given to help improve customer experience. I get a lot of request from Ford owners interested in tuning services as well. In order to be able to tune your vehicle, you would need to purchase a tuner such as a Diablosport product such as a Trinity or Intune on some vehicles and others can be tuned by other means such as bench tuning where the pcm is removed and opened up and flashed.

Be sure to always check back in for discount deals on tuning services and selected products. 

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