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Welcome to the Vehicle Tuning Support

Here is a collection of supported vehicles for the hardware used to backup, tune, and write to the vehicles computer. The list was provided by the hardware manufacturer to support a wide range of vehicles.

Here is a current list of vehicles supported for tuning. I'm currently serving only a limited amount of people at a time. Please call or Text (Prefered) and schedule a time.

You must schedule a day for tuning between Monday to Saturday from 9 AM - 5 PM EST. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a few hours out of the day for tuning. (4 to 5 hours usually.) Please make sure your vehicle is sound with no fuel leaks, electrical issues or mechanical as it will affect the tuning process and cost you time. If Repairs have to be made, standard labor rates apply.

Cost for tuning:

  • Meet and greet first and check that your Car computer is compatible.
  • 200$ Fee minimal on the scheduled tuning date and $80/HR after the first hour
  • With any tuning service, you must know the risk of tuning your vehicle. All Repair cost are held responsible to the customer. Click Here for the TOS Agreement. Anything modified to the PCM that is not the factory OEM tune can also void vehicle warranty. Also, there is a risk of bricking a PCM so that's why I check the PCM prior to the scheduled day of tuning and I verify the information with the customer and the procedure methods. By agreeing to continue with the tuning process, you agree that you will not hold Dodge SRT Tuning Service Responsible as all safety precautions are taken. Some Soldering to the PCM can be required to flash a PCM firmware and also has to be taken out of the vehicle and put on the bench to hook up to the module for reading and write processes. Here is a basic example of the process below.

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