Engine Replacement

Labor Charge for Engine Replacement Service

Labor Charge for Engine Replacement Service
This service does not include parts and fluids cost.

Every vehicle is checked and documented prior to engine replacement.

Vehicles that come in as non-running will have coolant system pressure checked for leaks and starter checked after removal. Many damaged Engines that have come into CLG Performance had cooling system issues that led to the engines failure along with low or no oil.

Engine will be stripped of working parts to be placed on the new "Salvaged" engine. Salvaged engines mostly come from vehicles that were involved in a crash that only damaged the frame of the car with no damage to the engine or the engine come from an abandoned vehicle. The condition of the engine is usually mileage dependant with a "Grade" system to determine condition. This is not 100% guaranteed. Used Engines Purchased may have unknown issues from salvaged vehicles and have a 30 day warranty. Rebuilt engines with "0" miles come with standard warranties and require a break-in period of normal driving. Typically, Rebuilt engines cost much more but are much easier to work with. The Rebuild Engine Provider provides a better warranty that covers labor cost as well if their engine fails. 

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Repairs are Subject to the Repair TOS Agreement Here:

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