Porsche 997 Cup Megaline Paddle Shift System Install

Porsche 997 Cup Megaline Paddle shift Kit Install Only

Porsche 997 Cup Paddle shift kit Install for Porsche 997 GT3 Cup cars

This is for install of the paddle shift kits only. I dont carry kits in stock and will have to be ordered by the customer for either the 2009 or 2010 Porsche 997 GT3 Cup cars from megaline directly here:


Complete paddle shift kit designed for the Porsche 997 Cup cars with sequential gearboxes.

Technical description: The Porsche 997 Cup kit is a complete assembly kit including installation instructions for self-installation. It consists of the following components:

Type No. Quantity Description 430-211-011 1 AGS central unit Family II 351-471-011 1 Installation kit central unit 997 Cup kit 351-461-011 1 Dash 6 air hose AGS to valve block 430-026-011 1 Connecting cable Family II 410-071-011 1 Valve block 3-V Family II 351-474-011 1 Installation kit valve block 997 Cup kit 410-161-011 1 Shift cylinder 997 Cup 351-472-011 1 Installation kit shift cylinder 997 Cup kit 351-451-011 2 Air hose shift cylinder 351-402-911 or 351-401-911a 1 Blip system 997 Cup Gen 1 (built up to 2009) Blip system 997 Cup Gen 2 (built from 2010) 351-441-011 1 Air hose blip 351-475-011 1 Reverse Blocker Set 351-411-011 1 Shift paddle conversion kit for steering wheel 351-026-011b 1 Wiring loom 997 Cup 351-473-011 1 Installation kit wiring loom 997 Cup kit 378-363-012 1 Programming cable USB 351-491-011 1 Installation CD 997 Cup (incl. installation instructions The MEGA-Line Porsche 997 Cup paddle shift complete kit was designed for Porsche 997 GT3 Cup cars with sequential gearboxes. This "plug & play" paddle shift kit is available in two versions, one suiting the 997 generation 1 which built up to 2009, the other tailor-made for the generation 2 997 Cup car built from 2010 onwards. For older Cup or even RSR cars, it is possible to modify the kit on request. Pre-requisite is a sequential gearbox. 

For Pricing Information for installing, I will need to know what the vehicle is line a Porsche (2009) 997.1 or (2010) 997.2 and what ECU and hardware you are running. For instance, Bosch ECU MS3.1, Motec, AIM and Smarty Cam, Bosch ABS System, Cosworth... I also will have to know what Megaline system you have ordered with its own cable and programming cable, Software, Etc...

For information on the Kits please contact the vendor directly at:



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