Vehicle AirBag Repair Service - Hourly Labor rate

Per Hour Labor Rate Vehicle Airbag system Diagnosis Service - Test electrical faults, Module Hard/Soft reset and 100% fixes
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Vehicle Airbag system Diagnosis Service. If you had your airbags replaced recently and still have the Airbag light on you may need to have the Airbag Module Hard Reset and or Soft reset. Hard reset requires the crash data to be cleaned out of the memory that becomes hard coded in the module. This information is the black box of information that insurance companies use to determine more on what happened at the time of the crash and how fast a driver was going and other engine parameters like steering angle and wheel speed and many other factors. The hard codes will not be erased even if you take the battery off the vehicle. If you have airbag lights on the dash and the vehicle never been in a crash then more likely its storing a soft code that can be reset by basic scan tools that do airbags. If you clear the code and it comes back after you have replaced the airbag and or seatbelt airbag or dash airbags and still see the light come back on then you may have an electrical connection issue. This service checks all that and at this base labor price it covers the first hour of electrical testing to find your issue. You must schedule an appointment with us for this service and will require leaving the car with us for a day to go through the system wiring. Most issues are found in an hour and others that are intermittent take up to 3 hours to find. This service is the hourly rate "labor only" for repairs for anyone looking to fix the issue correctly.


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