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Welcome, You can get more information on Vehicle Computer Repair Services we offer here. Depending on the level of damage, some modules may need to be completely replaced and reprogrammed for proper function.

If you are sure its a Computer related issue please give all information about the vehicle you are repairing including VIN, Mileage of vehicle. 

Any aftermarket setups like tuned ECU, or other module will have to be tuned again because all Modules are programmed and updated with OEM software.

If its possible to access and download the tune from the module it will be good for the end user to do that first before sending the module to us.
The end user has to have the original tune and modified tune to reflash the tune themselves since the replacement module will be set to factory.

It may require purchase of additional credits from your tuner since new modules will have a new serial numbers

If Possible, Let us know if the module was tuned or not. It will help get you back on the road much faster if we know what all has been done to the vehicle including any and all modifications.

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ECU, ECM, TCM, BCM, ABS, Airbag Module Repairs

Computer Module Repair Service

Computer Module Repair Service Repairs for ECU, TCM, BCM, ...

Sales price: $200.00
Total: $200.00
Price / kg:

Vehicle AirBag Repair Service - Hourly Labor rate

Per Hour Labor Rate Vehicle Airbag system Diagnosis Service ...

Sales price: $120.00
Total: $120.00
Price / kg:
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