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Owner: Chad L Gill

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Automotive Mechanic and Tuning Services. Performance Parts, Engine Repair and Replacement, A/C Repair Services, Electrical Repairs and Vehicle PCM Repair and Replacement.

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Start Date:
Website Launched on October 3, 2015
Official Business Launched March of 2012

1426 Ellington Ct.
Bethlehem, Ga 30620

Tuning and Mechanical Services:

Monday - Friday 10AM - 5PM
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Holidays and Events availability will be posted VIA Facebook page and or Google

If you need Diablosport tuning done please visit the contact page
here to upload your tunes and log files and I will get to your tuning as soon as possible.

As with the tuning side of things please allow me some time to review your log files so that I can adjust the hundreds of tuning points available in the vehicles RPM range. I'm not like most tuning services where they say here you go and use another similar cars tune. That's is just because not all cars run the same. That's what makes a custom tune custom. I may also have you run a few different tunes if we have to do some fine tuning of points of interest and I'll try to work out any problems with you if you are having any issues and If needed I'll recommend some parts or have you test what you have.

Business Description:
Automotive PCM Tuning services, Information, Diagrams and more. Online Emailed Tunes.
Email based Automotive Tuning Services:
Diablosport CMR Tuning - (DCX Gas "Dodge Gas powered vehicle" only)
Using Trinity and Intune and Intune 2 devices.

Currently our computer system is down for Diablosport tuning. We had a licensed PC that failed on us so we apologize for the inconvenience.

Now Supporting a new range of vehicles using HP Tuners. Contact Me for more details using the Contact me page.

- Please Text My Phone or call. If I don't answer right away please leave a message or text your question and your info.

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*Repairs by Appointment Only*